Exploring the new horizons of design

The high professionalism in the steel and traditional materials manufacturing, produced a know-how that now flows into a new entrepreneurial experience oriented to new markets and new requirements. An experience that excites and involves us and outlines new horizons. We have a production and planning staff able to create original solutions, from the aesthetics and functional point of view.
A challenge we named ARTECKNA. This project, in fact, born with the target to design and realize high quality level products, furniture and accessories, distinguished for the fine design and the high production technology. In this context, the “solid surfaces” materials, represent, as well as an innovation, a specificity on which it is based most of our production. But not only. ARTECKNA’s R&D is working on the integration of the different kind of materials, to offer innovative and multipurpose solutions, into the fine design and Made in Italy.
A challenge called ARTECKNA.

Solid Surface

The innovative material that changes the designing and functionality point of view

Engraving, sublimation, thermoforming, seamless joints, organic shapes, bold effects of color and translucency.

Solid Surface doesn’t set limits to your imagination.

Work Center
Solid Surface

Our experience to your service

The modern CNC working center together with the thermoforming and the sublimation machine allow ARTECKNA to develop any kind of “manufatto”: from prototype to production.

Small and massive production, without any limit in terms of volumes and shapes with a wide range of shades and colors, make Solid Surface suitable for all application.

The competence of the ARTECKNA workers adds value in an industry where even dexterity and experience have an irreplaceable role for the creation of unique products.

Carlo Migliardi

27 years old, he lives and works in Naples as the third generation exponent of a 70 years old family of architects.

He entered into the industrial design world when he developed his degree thesis in collaboration with Indesit Italia Company.

He takes care of industrial design, from the design to the market of each product. Fan of new technologies and innovative materials, influenced by a family know-how that refers to the Italian rationalism and to the organic architecture, he produces a style that merge the past with the future.

News ed Eventi

From November 23rd to 26th 2015

Dubai World Trade Centre - Stand 5A232

August 2-6 2015 - Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Market Show is the most complete interior design and furnishing exhibition in US. It offers, both in temporary and permanent pavilions, an incomparable selection of products for any kind of category. The Las Vegas Market Show offers unlimited purchasing opportunities inside its tree buildings, with an overall exposition surface of 370.000 sqm, with any kind of service and comfort, all surrounded by affordable hotels. The Las Vegas Market Show is the best place to have the most complete experience in US exhibitions.

The Las Vegas Market Show is a true international exhibition. The participants come from over 85 different Countries to represent all the area of the world.


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